Affiliation Great Garmillas Empire
General characteristics
  • 7 490 mm quad-mount positron beam turrets
  • 4 330 mm triple-mount positron beam turrets
  • 6 bow torpedo launch tubes
  • 7 stern torpedo launch tubes
  • 6 bridge torpedo launch tubes

730 meters (main vessel)

77.5 meters (autonomous bridge unit)
Width 64.4 meters (autonomous bridge unit)[1][2]

The Zoelguut-class Class 1 Super Dreadnought is the largest and most powerful regular warship class in the fleet of the Great Garmillas Empire.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

The Zoelguut-class is heavily armed with multiple positron beam weapons and multiple torpedo tubes. The super dreadnoughts are well armored, especially in the bow. One superdreadnought was able to harmlessly deflect a shock cannon volley aimed directly at its forward section, a blast that would have seriously crippled or destroyed other ship classes in the Garmillas fleet; the port side of the dreadnought took significant but not fatal damage from the same weapon, but only when it was fired at point blank range ("Point of No Return"). However, these ships are vulnerable to the Gatlantis Flame Strike Gun (Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark).

The bridge section of the Zoelguut-class can detach and operate as an autonomous command vessel. Among its capabilities, the bridge section is equipped with harpoons and grappling arms that can firmly hold the ship in place to another object. It is also armed with a self-destruct device, which is activated by the senior officer's command code and voice recognition ("Under a Rainbow Sun").

Escape pods are available to evacuate super dreadnought crews ("Under a Rainbow Sun").

Despite their apparent rarity in the imperial fleet, Zoelguut-class vessels share a number of traits with other Garmillas capital ships, including Geschtam warp drives and diverse hull colors for different assignments ("The Wolf from Another Dimension", "Point of No Return", "Out of the Forest of Memory").



Domelaze III rises from the Garmillas base on Balun.

At least three Zoelguut super dreadnoughts were in service in the year 2199. Of these, the gray hulled Domelaze III was the most active in combat. The Battle of the Small Magellanic Cloud Outskirts against a Gatlantis fleet was won by Lieutenant General Erich Domel using Domelaze III as his flagship, with Colonel Wemm Heidern as the ship's captain ("A World I Once Saw"). The vessel later engaged the Earth battleship Yamato on two occasions, first at the Battle of Carell 163 ("Point of No Return"), only to be defeated almost two months later at the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster. In this last fight, Domel and Heidern evacuated the doomed main hull of Domelaze III in the ship's autonomous bridge unit, and made a suicide charge against Yamato using the self-destruct option ("Under a Rainbow Sun").

Desura functioned as the personal spacecraft of the ruler of the Great Garmillas Empire, Abelt Dessler. Clad in the blue color of the Imperial Guard fleet, Desura was captained and operated by Imperial Guard personnel, and featured a bridge decorated in gold to match Dessler's throne room. During a voyage to the planet Balun for an inspection tour, Desura suffered a catastrophic engine overload in an assassination attempt against Dessler ("Point of No Return").


The bridge unit of Sehrgut II, mounted to the ship's bridge tower. The bridge itself is the dome at the top of the disk.

Shortly after the apparent death of Dessler, Inspector General Herm Zoellik traveled to a massive naval review at Balun aboard his own red Zoelguut-class ship, the Sehrgut II[3], seeking the support of the military in his own bid for the vacant throne ("Out of the Forest of Memory"). While at Balun, Zoellik was killed by Major General Gremdt Goer, and command of the dreadnought fell to Goer as the most senior officer aboard. The dreadnought escaped the devastation left after a surprise attack by Yamato, and it and three thousand surviving ships began the months-long journey to Garmillas ("Over the Black Light", "The Planet That We Head For"). At some point, Goer transferred his command from the dreadnought to his own smaller Gaiderol-class battleship ("The Forever War"). Sehrgut II was destroyed by a Gatlantis assault during the voyage back to Garmillas (Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark).

Three unnamed Zoelguut-class dreadnoughts participated in the battle to retake the Garmilas Floating Continent in late 2202. Two were destroyed due to the overwhelming firepower of the Gatlantis forces and a surprise assault by the newly revealed Kalaklum battleship class. The third however was saved due to the timely arrival of the Earth battleship Andromeda, which used its wave motion gun to obliterate the remaining Gatlantean forces. ("A.D 2202: Raise the Space Battleship Yamato")

Notable Zoelguut-class shipsEdit



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Japanese language informationEdit

ゼルグート級一等航宙戦闘艦 Zerugūto-kyū ittō kōchū sentō-kan