Yoshikazu Aihara
Aihara Yoshikazu.jpg
Native name 相原義一
Nickname Giichi
Born 2177
Iwate Prefecture Iwate, Japan[1]
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch Earth Defense Force
Rank Ensign
Relations father (deceased)
Portrayed by Shinji Nomura (1974-1983)
Maiko Skorick (Live Action)
Masato Kokubun (2012-) (Japanese)
Aaron Roberts (English)
Aihara Parents

Aihara's parents. (Yoshito Yasuhara and Akiko Tsuboi)

Ensign Yoshikazu Aihara (相原義一 Aihara Yoshikazu/Giichi?)

chief communications officer, Aihara becomes homesick during the journey to Iscandar after discovering his father on Earth was dying; in his madness he steals a spacesuit and attempts to float home before being rescued by his comrades. A Gamilan relay satellite had been the cause of the stressful transmissions reaching the Yamato, and Aihara destroyed the satellite.


  • In Japanese, the kanji for his given name can be read in two ways; the reading "Yoshikazu" is used in episode 10 of the first season, but (owing to an error) he gives his name as "Giichi" in the third season.
  • Aihara's favorite song is Kitakami Yakyoku (北上夜曲).
  1. Homesickness of Space! My Mother's Tears Are My Tears!