Yasuo Nanbu
Nanbu Yasuo.jpg
Native name 南部康雄
Born 2178
Tokyo Tokyo, Japan
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch Earth Defense Force
Rank Lieutenant (junior grade)
Relations Kozo Nanbu (father)
Tokiko Nanbu (mother)
Portrayed by Kazuo Hayashi (1978-1983)
Toshirō Yashiba (2010)
Kenji Akabane (2011-)
Lieutenant J.G. Yasuo Nanbu (南部康雄 Nanbu Yasuo?): bespectacled sub-chief of ship's defenses, operating the gun turrets in Kodai's absence. He is the heir to Nanbu Heavy Industries Corporation, which created Yamato's main artillery and the Cosmogun.


  • He is the only Yamato crew member to not die in any version of the story.