The Planet That We Head For
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Season 1, Episode 22
Japanese title 向かうべき星
Mukaubeki Hoshi
Release date June 15, 2013
Screenplay by Hiroshi Onoki
Directed by Kiyoshi Egami
Days left 210
Story guide
"Prison Planet 17"
"One Man's War"

The crew of Yamato collaborates with rebels opposing Abelt Dessler's regime, and plan their last warp to Iscandar. On Garmillas, Dessler uses Yuki Mori as a political pawn, and readies his own welcome for the Earth ship.



  • Yurisha carries the formal title of "Third Princess of Iscandar." The only other Iscandarian princess depicted thus far has been the late Sasha Iscandar. The remaining princess is therefore someone who is deceased, or someone who may be shown later.


  • What will become of Yabu after being left behind on Prison Planet 17? (Answer

Noteworthy DialogueEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit



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