The Heart of Agent 9

A copy of The Heart of Agent 9 by Herbert Quain.

The Heart of Agent 9 is a work of fiction written in the late twenty-first century by Herbert Quain. Its story takes place during the early years of the colonization of Mars, and centers on a character known only as 9, the lone operator of an observation station. An engineer named Houdin introduces him to a mysterious girl named Eve, and he becomes intensely drawn to her. 9 eventually learns that Eve is actually a mechanical being created by Houdin, just before he loses Eve forever. He comes to accept that he, too, is a mechanical creation of Houdin's, but is comforted by the secret knowledge that he has a heart ("Clockwork Prisoner").

Lieutenant Commander Shiro Sanada brings an illustrated copy of The Heart of Agent 9 with him on the first voyage of the space battleship Yamato in 2199. Following an incident involving the robot Analyzer and the destruction of Analyzer's fellow robot and friend, Alter, Sanada reads the book for its themes of loneliness and machine sentience. Under a pseudonym, Sanada asks Assistant Warrant Officer Yuria Misaki to read a version of the story on her YRA Radio Yamato program ("Clockwork Prisoner").


  • Although the book cover depicted on screen carries the English title The Heart of Agent 9, spoken dialogue from Misaki's radio show and official English subtitles give the title as The Heart of Observer #9.


Japanese language informationEdit

観測員9号の心 Kansoku-in 9-gō no kokoro

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