Sasha Kodai

Sasha Kodai (古代サーシャ Kodai Sāsha?): introduced as Shiro Sanada's niece Mio Sanada (真田澪 Sanada Mio?), she substitutes for Yuki Mori aboard the Yamato. It emerges that she is actually the half-human daughter of Mamoru Kodai and Starsha, thus making her Kodai's niece. Like all Iscandarians, she has grown into the equivalent of a human teenager in the space of a year. She have an ability to foresee near future and her fate in the hands of the Black Nebula. As foreseen, she sacrifice herself for the Yamato to destroy the base of the Black Nebula. Like her mother, she shared the power to project post-death images as a form of communication to people. Interestingly, she feels a strong connection with Kodai; him being her uncle. The connection is to the point of her showing hints of jealousy to Kodai's love for Yuki. During her last few words, she tells Sanada that she respects him as her father figure.