Sasha Iscandar
Sasha Iscandar
Died January 17, 2199, Mars
Species Iscandarian
Gender Female
Title Princess
Relatives Starsha Iscandar (sister)
Yurisha Iscandar (sister)
Allegiance Iscandar
This article describes Sasha Iscandar as depicted in Space Battleship Yamato 2199. For her counterpart in the original series, see Sasha (OS).

Sasha Iscandar is a princess of the planet Iscandar and one of the last three survivors of the Iscandarian species.

On January 17, 2199, Sasha pilots the Iscandarian ship Sheherazade on a course that takes it near Neptune and toward Mars, where she plans to rendezvous with a United Nations Cosmo Navy team. Operation M, an action launched by the UNCN against Garmillas forces, succeeds in distracting enemy attention from Sasha's vessel, but the Sheherazade encounters engine trouble. Sasha ejects in the Martian atmosphere and her escape pod crashes into the desert ground. When Lieutenants Daisuke Shima and Susumu Kodai arrive at the pod, Sasha is already dead, but safely clutching the wave motion power core she had come to deliver. Shima and Kodai bury Sasha nearby and place a simple marker on her gravesite ("Messenger of Iscandar"). As the UNCN battleship Yamato flies by Mars on its voyage to Iscandar--powered by Sasha's wave motion core--a member of the crew, Lieutenant Yuki Mori, privately commemorates Sasha by sending a bouquet of flowers into space ("Escape from the Jupiter Sphere").


Sasha's grave on Mars.

Sasha very closely resembled the human Lieutenant Mori, so much so that Shima and Kodai are shocked by the similarity when they first meet Mori. Kodai asks Mori about it in an indirect and awkward way a short time later ("The Messenger from Iscandar", "Gravestone on a Frozen Field"). Even Sasha's sister, Queen Starsha Iscandar, mistakes her for Sasha when Mori, Princess Yurisha Iscandar, and other Yamato crewmembers are presented to Starsha upon their arrival on Iscandar ("The Distant Promised Land").

Japanese language informationEdit

サーシャ・イスカンダル Sāsha Isukandaru