Saburo Kato
Kato Saburo.jpg
Native name 加藤三郎
Born 2176
Hokkaido Hokkaido, Japan
Died 2201 (age 25)
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch Earth Defense Force
Rank Lieutenant (junior grade)
Relations Ittetsu Kato (father)
Shiro Kato (brother)
Portrayed by Akira Kamiya (1974-1979)
Kazuki Namioka (2010)
Yoshimasa Hosoya (2011-)

Saburo Kato (加藤三郎 Katō Saburō?): the leader of the Black Tiger fighter squadron (second in authority to Kodai), Kato is a gifted though level-headed pilot, often putting his life on the line for his comrades. In the second season he is leader of the first squadron of the Cosmo Tigers, piloting a later model of fighter craft and stationed on the Moon; he and his men volunteer to join the Yamato under Kodai's command. He dies flying Kodai and Sanada back to the Yamato safely.

He is named after IJAAF hero pilot Tateo Kato and IJNAS ace pilot Saburo Sakai.