"Praise Be Our Eternal Glory" is the national anthem of the Great Garmillas Empire. The tempo and rhythm of the anthem are very martial, suggesting the militarization of the empire that has taken place under Leader Abelt Dessler. The opening lyrics also convey a military character, but balance it with the beauty of the planet Garmillas, the heart of the empire:

Our noble home
Planet where the blue flowers blossom.
Sing a song of joy!
May God's grace always be with us.
Ghale Garmillon!
Hail to the victory of our home.
The song is held in great reverence by those who serve in the military. During a review of Homeland Defense Fleet forces, a Garmillas officer questions the trustworthiness of lower-ranked soldiers, members of the subject Zaltz species, in their cause. One of the soldiers, Corporal Norren Oshetto, responds by singing the anthem. His Zaltzi comrades quickly join in, followed by the Garmillas officers standing nearby, ending any debate about trust or loyalty ("They're Coming!").


Japanese language informationEdit

永遠に讃えよ 我が光 Eien ni tataeyo waga hikari

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