Out of the Forest of Memory
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Season 1, Episode 17
Discovering AquariusGate
Japanese title 記憶の森から
Kioku no Mori kara
Release date April 14, 2013
Screenplay by Hiroshi Onoki
Directed by Kiyoshi Egami
Days left 273
Story guide
"A Choice for the Future"
"Over the Black Light"

While investigating a subspace gateway that will give Yamato a shortcut to the Large Magellanic Cloud, Shiro Sanada and Kaoru Niimi share their recollections of Susumu Kodai's older brother. The senior staff reveal the true nature of the Iscandarian on the ship. Erich Domel is tried for the assassination of Abelt Dessler. Melda Dietz witnesses her empire's brutality.




Noteworthy DialogueEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit



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