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UN 1st Cosmo Fleet participating in Operation Me-go. Shown in the middle is the Murasame.

The Murasame-class space cruiser (村雨型宇宙巡洋艦, Murasame-gata uchū jun'yōkan) is a type of cruiser in service with the United Nations Cosmo Navy until 2199.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

The Murasame-class space cruiser is 152 meters in length, with 6 double 20 centimeter high pressure laser cannons, 4 torpedo ports, and a nose-mounted 20 centimeter positron shock cannon.[source?] Like the Isokaze-Class Destroyer, the cruisers are painted in dazzle patterns.


This class of ships was first completed in the 2170[source?] and many of these ships fought in the interplanetary wars.

The namesake ship of the class was present at first contact between the Great Garmillas Empire and the Earth Federation, and became the first vessel to be destroyed by aliens in human history. A number of these ships were deployed during the Second Battle of Mars where many sank but prevented a direct Garmillas assault on Earth.[source?]

During Operation M, a total of nine Murasame-class cruisers participated. The weapons system aboard the ships proved ineffective against the Garmillas fleet, and they were destroyed one after another. None of the Murasame-class cruisers returned to Earth.[source?]

In 2202, two of these vessels escort the Kongo-class battleship Ticonderoga as part of Frontier Defense Task Force 38, a mixed Earth-Garmillas fleet (Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love).

Notable Murasame-Class ShipsEdit

(Listed by ship registry number[source?])

  • Atago (CAS-226)
  • Abukuma (CAS-229)
  • Choukai (CAS-236)
  • Yugiri (CAS-253)
  • Nachi (CAS-702)
  • Murasame (CAS-707)
  • Murakumo (CAS-718)
  • Takao (CAS-731)
  • Ibuki (CAS-741)
  • Tsurugi (CAS-777)
  • Ashigara (CAS-820)
  • Kurama (CAS-854)
  • Yakumo (CAS-890)
  • Akizuki[1]
  • Iroquois

Notes and ReferencesEdit

  1. In the Space Battleship Yamato 2199 manga by Michio Murakawa, a cruiser named the Akizuki is referred to as being heavily damaged and sunk soon afterwards.

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