Messenger of Iscandar
Space Battleship Yamato 2199
Season 1, Episode 1
Japanese title イスカンダルの使者
Isukandaru no Shisha
Release date April 7, 2012
Screenplay by Yutaka Izubuchi
Directed by Akihiro Enomoto
Days left 365
Story guide
"Toward a Sea of Stars"

The planet Earth withers under a merciless assault from the alien world of Garmillas. Earth's leaders launch a seemingly desperate counterattack against the enemy, while secretly finishing preparations for something greater.



  • During the battle at Pluto, Lt. Mori reports that Sheherazade is passing Neptune and will arrive at Mars in ten minutes. The shortest distance between Neptune and Mars is more than four billion kilometers--28.43 AU, or 3.94 light hours. Although the ship is shown flying near Neptune at sub-light speed, the only way it could reach Mars in such a short time would be to perform a warp.
  • Transmissions among the Kirishima at Pluto, Far East Sector Headquarters on Earth, and Kodai and Shima on Mars appears to happen instantaneously, meaning that humans have faster-than-light communication ability.


Noteworthy DialogueEdit

  • With the battleship Kirishima leading an Earth fleet toward Pluto and Garmillas forces, Admiral Juzo Okita listens as a transmission is received:
Kirishima officer: Message from the enemy fleet: "Attention Earth fleet, surrender immediately." How shall we respond?
Okita: Tell them: "Nuts."

Behind the ScenesEdit


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