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Affiliation Gatlantis Empire
General characteristics
Fighters 12
  • 1 Flame Strike Gun
  • 2 teleportation projector
  • 1 quintuple-mount bow turret
  • 3 8-barrel rapid fire gun turret
  • 2 twin-barrel rapid fire gun turret
  • 16 8-barrel high angle gun turret (anti-aircraft battery)
  • 9 bow torpedo tubes
  • 4 quantum torpedo launchers
Length 505 meters[1][2]

The Medalusa-class annihilation heavy battleship is a battleship class in service of the Gatlantis Empire.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

Armed to the teeth with a single quintuple-mount turret at the bow, a multitude of torpedo tubes, and several other artillery batteries placed around the ship, the Medalusa-class battleships were built to dominate any opponent on the battlefield. Their most lethal weapon is a massive cannon, dubbed the "Flame-Strike Cannon."

Located in a special bow compartment, the weapon was constructed by Garmillas science slaves and was based around experimental instant matter transmission and wave-motion technology. This weapon can fire a massive wave of energy that can be teleported to a target via twin warp projectors in the bow. The cannon's energy is comparable to a wave-motion gun; one particular Medalusa managed to destroy an entire Garmillas fleet by itself with its cannon alone, and it cannon's energy can also be rerouted other shipboard systems. Also lethal is the fact that the cannon can be fired multiple times in quick succession, making it nearly impossible for the ship's targets to escape. The cannon can also be detached if needed.[source?]  


So far, only one Medaulsa is known to be in service - the MegauldaThe ship served under Governor-General Goran "Thunder" Dagam as his personal flagship, leading the Gubata Expedition Force on a search for a certain prize Dagam was charged to find - an interstellar "ark", Shambleau.

While probing around the Small Magellanic Cloud , the Megaluda and its consorts attacked a fleet of Garmillas ships under the command of Lieutenant-General Basiv Vandevel. Attacking with its flame-strike cannon in quick succession, the fleet was completely destroyed, and Vandevel was killed as he tried to escape.

Later, the Megaluda encountered the Earth battleship Yamato and Dagam ordered its surrender. The ship's combat officer, Susumu Kodai, rejected his enemy's demands, and the Yamato made a quick run for a hollowed planet. Dagam ordered that the flame-strike cannon be fired at once. Soon enough, his orders were carried out, but the cannon's energy wave grazed the Earth ship, causing some damage to it, instead of making a direct hit that could have destroyed it, and sinking Gilliade, a destroyer which had wandered in the firing path. The Yamato, upon reaching the planet, was attacked by several Gatlantean ships in a failed attempt to smoke it out. The ship was then beset by a colony of jellyfish-like creatures that tried to drain the ship of its energy, leaving it vulnerable to its enemies. However, the ship managed to warp away before Dagam could attack again. 

The Megaluda and the expeditionary fleet later caught up with the Yamato and a Garmillas task force at Shambleau. The Gatlantis fleet attacked, but their opponents proved to be too tenacious in their defense. Megaluda fired several shots with it flame-strike cannon, sinking several ships. However, the Yamato, the carrier Mirangal, and a few escorts managed to dodge the following shots. When they started firing, the Megaluda had its starboard teleporter knocked out. Dagam took the ship away to get into Shambleau's core to claim it, inadvertently within the path that the aging carrier Lanbea had taken, and where it had accidentally ran aground. Leaving the Mirangal and the other escorts to hold off the Gatlantis ships, the Yamato intercepted the Megaluda and destroyed it by slowing it down with its rocket anchor and firing cannon shells into the bridge, killing Dagam. The following explosion also dislodged the Lanbea without much damage to the ship itself.  (Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark).


Japanese language informationEdit

メダルーサ級殲滅型重戦艦 Medarūsa-kyū senmetsu-gata jū senkan

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