Affiliation Gatlantis Empire
General characteristics
Fighters 12[1]
Length 505 meters[1]

The Medalusa-class heavy annihilation battleship is a warship class in service of the Gatlantis Empire. Equipped with offensive systems based partly on alien technology, the Medalusa is consistently effective against adversaries in both the Gatlantis-Garmillas War and the Gatlantis-Earth War.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

Armed with a single quintuple-mount turret at the bow, a multitude of torpedo tubes, and several other artillery batteries placed around the ship, the Medalusa-class battleships were built to dominate any opponent on the battlefield. Its most lethal weapon is a massive cannon, dubbed the Flame-Strike Gun.

Located in a special bow compartment, the weapon was constructed by Garmillas science slaves and was based around experimental instant matter transmission and wave-motion technology. This weapon can fire a massive wave of energy that can be teleported to a target via twin warp projectors in the bow. The cannon's energy is comparable to a wave-motion gun; one particular Medalusa managed to destroy an entire Garmillas fleet by itself with its cannon alone, and it cannon's energy can also be rerouted other shipboard systems. Also lethal is the fact that the cannon can be fired multiple times in quick succession, making it nearly impossible for the ship's targets to escape. The cannon can also be detached if needed.[source?]  


Megaluda served under Governor-General Goran "Thunder" Dagam as his personal flagship, leading the Gubata Expedition Force on a search for the Celestial Ark, Shambleau. The flagship completely destroyed a task force of Garmillas ships before encountering the Earth Federation battleship Yamato. Megaluda's cannon fire was deflected by the battleship's wave motion shield, eventually allowing Yamato to escape. However, the Megaluda and the expeditionary fleet later caught up with the Yamato and a Garmillas task force at Shambleau. During the ensuing battle, the Earth and Garmillan forces were able to predict the appearance of the Flame-Strike Cannon's weapon fire, rendering it useless and forcing Megaluda into a final direct confrontation with Yamato that ended in its destruction (Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark).

In December 2202, two Medalusa ships participated in the Gatlantean defense of the Eighth Floating Continent against an allied Earth and Garmillan fleet. They were able to overcome specially armored Zoelguut-class warships with two shots of their Flame-Strike Cannons, but one was sunk by torpedoes from a Kongo-class battleship and the other was destroyed when an Andromeda-class ship fired its wave motion gun towards the end of the battle ("AD 2202 - Revive, Space Battleship Yamato").

The Medalusa class also played an important role in Gatlantis' attempt to control the planet Telezart. Sometime in 2202, a single Medalusa vessel led a task force that attacked and conquered the planet ("AD 2202 - Revive, Space Battleship Yamato"). Afterward, the ruined surface of Telezart was defended by numerous converted Medalusa tanks. A lightning assault by UN Cosmo Marines in mobile armor took out the first line of tanks, while the remainder were crushed by a massive chunk of rock initially placed in orbit above Telezart and then maneuvered toward the surface ("Telezart Landing Operation--Fight the Enemy Missile Fleet!", "Zabaibal's Violent Attack--Discovering Teresa").


Japanese language informationEdit

メダルーサ級殲滅型重戦艦 Medarūsa-kyū senmetsu-gata jū senkan