This page lists all episodes from Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love.

The "Release Date" column lists the debut of the episodes, which are initially being shown in theaters in blocks of two to four episodes as single movies prior to home video distribution and broadcast on Japanese television.

Episode English Title[1] Japanese Title First Release Date
1 "The Year is 2202--Raise the Space Battleship Yamato" 西暦2202年・甦れ宇宙戦艦ヤマト February 25, 2017
2 "Tension--Get to the Lunar Embassy" 緊迫・月面大使館に潜行せよ February 25, 2017
3 "Impact--Legacy of the Cosmo Reverser" 衝撃・コスモリバースの遺産 June 24, 2017
4 "Departing for the Unknown!" 未知への発進! June 24, 2017
5 "Clash! Yamato Versus Andromeda" 激突!ヤマト対アンドロメダ June 24, 2017
6 "Battle to the Death--The Eleventh Planet" 死闘・第十一番惑星 June 24, 2017
7 "A Flash of Light! The Brilliance of the Wave Motion Gun" 光芒一閃!波動砲の輝き October 14, 2017
8 "The Trap on Planet Stravase!" 惑星シュトラバーゼの罠! October 14, 2017
9 "Zwordar, the Choice of Evil" ズォーダー、悪魔の選択 October 14, 2017
10 "Fascination and Crisis--The Space Fireflies" 幻惑・危機を呼ぶ宇宙ホタル October 14, 2017
11 "Dessler's Challenge!" デスラーの挑戦! January 27, 2018
12 "Amazing White Comet Empire--Yamato Breaks Through!" 驚異の白色彗星帝国・ヤマト強行突破! January 27, 2018
13 "Telezart Landing Operation--Defeat the Enemy Missile Fleet!" テレザート上陸作戦・敵ミサイル艦隊を叩け! January 27, 2018
14 "Battle for Survival--Discovering Teresa" ザバイバル猛攻・テレサを発見せよ January 27, 2018

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  1. Unofficial title translations are used here, pending the release of official translations by the series producers and/or distributors.