This page lists characters appearing in the anime series Space Battleship Yamato 2199, the movie Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark, and the sequel series Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love.

Characters are organized first by allegiance and/or home, and with more specific affiliations wherever possible. With occasional exceptions for leaders, characters are listed alphabetically by family name within specific categories. Categories are assigned according to a character's primary role in their first series or movie; for example, Ryu Hijikata goes on to become the commanding officer of Yamato in Space Battleship Yamato 2202, but he is not attached to Yamato in the previous series or movie and therefore is not categorized as such. Minor or briefly appearing characters who are relatives of more prominent ones are nested below the respective prominent character's name.

General references are listed at the end of this page. Specific episode and official source references are noted in each character's individual article.

Earth FederationEdit

Leadership of the Earth FederationEdit

Yamato CrewEdit

Commander and Senior OfficersEdit

  • Admiral Juzo Okita (沖田十三 Okita Jūzō?) Fukushima Prefecture: commanding officer of the Yamato; commander of all United Nations Cosmo Navy forces prior to launch of Yamato
  • Lieutenant J.G. Shinya Itou (伊東真也 Itō Shinya?) Shiga Prefecture: security chief
  • Lieutenant Susumu Kodai (古代 進 Kodai Susumu?) Kanagawa Prefecture: combat chief
    • Go Kodai (古代 剛?): Susumu's father
    • Noriko Kodai (古代紀子?): Susumu's mother
    • Yoshio Kodai (古代芳雄?): Susumu's uncle
    • Maki Kodai (古代真希?): Susumu's aunt
  • Lieutenant Commander Shiro Sanada (真田志郎 Sanada Shirō?) Nagano Prefecture: executive officer and science and technology division head
  • Lieutenant Daisuke Shima (島 大介 Shima Daisuke?) Okinawa Prefecture: navigation division head and chief helmsman
    • Jiro Shima (島 次郎 Shima Jirō?) Okinawa Prefecture: Daisuke's younger brother
    • Commander Daigo Shima (島 大吾 Shima Daigo?) Okinawa Prefecture: Daisuke's deceased father; captain of the Murasame
    • Saori Shima (島 沙織 Shima Saori?) Okinawa Prefecture: Daisuke's mother

Deck CrewEdit

  • Master Chief Petty Officer Isami Enomoto (榎本勇 Enomoto Isami?) Aomori Prefecture: deck operations chief
  • Petty Officer 3rd Class Shinpei Iwata (岩田新平 Iwata Shinpei?) Tokushima Prefecture: fighter maintenance and deck work
  • Leading Seaman Kiyoshi Toyama (遠山清 Tōyama Kiyoshi?) Saitama Prefecture: fighter maintenance and deck work


Fighter SquadronEdit

  • Jiro Tsurumi Jiro Tsurumi (鶴見二郎 Tsurumi Jirō?): rookie member of the Lunar Aviation Corps
  • Ensign Akira Yamamoto (山本玲 Yamamoto Akira?): fighter pilot initially assigned to accounting, and test pilot and trainer after Yamato's first mission; nicknamed Rei
    • Akio Yamamoto (山本明生 Yamamoto Akio?): Akira's deceased pilot brother


  • Makoto Harada (原田真琴 Harada Makoto?) Akita Prefecture (later Makoto Kato): civilian medic; wife of Saburo Kato and mother of Tsubasa Kato



  • Seaman Apprentice Jun Ichikawa (市川純?) Hyōgo Prefecture: communications; substitute for Yoshikazu Aihara
  • Assistant Warrant Officer Yuria Misaki (岬百合亜 Misaki Yuria?) Yamaguchi Prefecture: operations specialist cadet; later joins the crew of the experimental wave motion battleship Ginga
  • Petty Officer 1st Class Miki Saijo (西条未来?) Shimane Prefecture: operations; substitute for Yuki Mori

Science and TechnologyEdit

  • Lieutenant Kaoru Niimi (新見薫 Niimi Kaoru?) Kyoto Prefecture: information chief and ship's counselor; later joins the crew of the experimental wave motion battleship Ginga
  • Warrant Officer Mikage Kiryu (桐生美影 Kiryuu Mikage?) Niigata Prefecture: linguist; later joins the crew of the experimental wave motion battleship Ginga


  • Warrant Officer Toru Hoshina (星名透 Hoshina Tōru?) Tokyo: junior security officer secretly charged with investigating a conspiracy aboard Yamato; later joins the crew of the experimental wave motion battleship Ginga


  • Leading Seaman Tetsuya Kitano (北野哲也?) Miyagi Prefecture: substitute for Yasuo Nanbu


United Nations Cosmo ForceEdit

United Nations Cosmo NavyEdit

  • Lieutenant Commander Mamoru Kodai (古代 守 Kodai Mamoru?) Kanagawa Prefecture: commanding officer of the Yukikaze; elder brother of Susumu Kodai
  • Admiral Kozo Tani (谷鋼三 Tani Kōzō?): commanding officer of Aldebaran

United Nations Cosmo MarinesEdit

  • Colonel Goro Kiryu (桐生悟郎 Kiryuu Gorō?): Mikage Kiryu's father; commanding officer of the UNCM 7th Regiment based on the Moon
  • Toshio Amagi (天城敏郎 Amaki Toshirō?): member of the 7th regiment and later of the 5th Regiment
  • Gen Furahashi (古橋弦 Furuhashi Gen?): member of the 7th regiment and later of the 5th Regiment
  • Masaru Kurata (倉田勝 Kurata Masaru?): member of the 7th regiment and later of the 5th Regiment
  • Shiori Nagakura (永倉志織 Nagakura Shiori?): member of the 7th regiment and second in command of the 5th Regiment under Hajime Saito


  • Toko Katsuragi (桂木透子 Katsuragi Tōko?): assistant to Robert Redrauz
  • Robert Redrauz (ロバート・レドラウズ Robāto Redorauzu?): professor researching the ancient Aquarius civilization


  • Princess Yurisha Iscandar (ユリーシャ・イスカンダル Yuriisha Isukandaru?): third princess and sister of Queen Starsha; passenger aboard Yamato

Great Garmillas EmpireEdit


Leadership of the EmpireEdit

  • Leader Abelt Dessler (アベルト・デスラー Aberuto Desurā?): supreme ruler of the empire
    • Adelsia Dessler (アデルシア・デスラー Aderushia Desurā?): mother of Abelt and Mathius
    • Erich Vam Dessler (エーリク・ヴァム・デスラー Ēriku Vuamu Desurā?): Grand Duke of the empire; Abelt's uncle and predecessor as ruler
    • Lanhardt Dessler (ランハルト・デスラー Ranharuto Desurā?): nephew of Abelt
    • Mathius Dessler (マティウス・デスラー Matiusu Desurā?): nephew of the Grand Duke and elder brother of Abelt
  • Admiral Gul Dietz (ガル・ディッツ Garu Dittsu?): supreme commander of the Garmillas Imperial Astro Fleet under Abelt Dessler; eventual rebel leader and member of the provisional government after the end of Dessler's regime
  • Director General Hydom Gimleh (ハイドム・ギムレー Haidomu Gimuree?): head of the Imperial Guard under Abelt Dessler
  • Redof Hiss (レドフ・ヒス Redorufu Hisu?) vice leader under Abelt Dessler; minister of the interior in the successor government
  • Lieutenant General Ghader Talan (ガデル・タラン Gaderu Taran?): deputy chief staff officer under Abelt Dessler and aide to Dessler during his return campaign; younger brother of Welte Talan
  • Welte Talan (ヴェルテ・タラン Verute Taran?): defense minister in Abelt Dessler's cabinet and aide immediately after Dessler's exile; elder brother of Ghader Talan
  • Field Marshal Herm Zoellik (ヘルム・ゼーリック Herumu Zeerikku?): inspector general of the Garmillas military under Abelt Dessler

Emissaries to EarthEdit

  • Loren Burrel (ローレン・バレル Rōren Bareru?): ambassador to the Earth Federation
  • Klaus Kiiman (クラウス・キーマン Kurausu Kīman?): military agent of Ambassador Burrel

Imperial GuardEdit

  • Colonel Dora Nelge (ドーラ・ネルゲ Dōra Neruge?): captain of Kilmenaim; identical clone to Paren Nelge


  • Captain Vance Baren (ヴァンス・バーレン Vuansu Bāren?): Garont bombing commander and survivor of the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster and the Battle of Shambleau; old comrade and friend of Wemm Heidern
  • Colonel Rutan Bester (ルタン・ベスター Rutan Besutā?): Lanbea captain at the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster
  • Lower Storm Leader Melda Dietz (メルダ・ディッツ Meruda Dittsu?): fighter pilot; daughter of Gul Dietz
  • Meiser Drum (マイゼル・ドラム Maizeru Doramu?): Sehrgut II first officer under Basiv Vandevel
  • Captain Gol Heinig (ゴル・ハイニ Goru Haini?): UX-01 first officer
  • Lutz Kazette (ルッツ・カーゼット Ruttsu Kāzetto?): ship captain assisting refugees on planet Stravase
  • Lieutenant J.G. Klim Melhe (クリム・メルヒ Kurimu Meruhi?): Snuka dive bomber pilot stationed aboard Lanbea; survivor of the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster and fighter pilot in the Battle of Shambleau
  • Lieutenant Colonel Idel Monk (イデル・モンク Ideru Monku?): adjutant to Goer
  • Colonel Neredia Rikke (ネレディア・リッケ Neredia Rikke?): Mirangal captain
    • Melia Rikke (メリア・リッケ Meria Rikke?): Neredia's deceased younger sister

6th Armored Space DivisionEdit

  • Lieutenant General Erich Domel (エルク・ドメル Eruku Domeru?): commander of the 6th Armored Space Division
  • Major Lyle Getto (ライル・ゲットー Rairu Gettō?)


  • Elisa Domel (エリーサ・ドメル Erīsa Domeru?): wife of Erich Domel; rebel leader against Abelt Dessler and leading figure in the provisional government after Dessler's fall
  • Milt Evans (ミルト・エヴァンス Miruto Evuansu?): child serving aboard Lanbea
  • Food Production Minister Dotem Goehin (ドーテム・ゲルヒン Dōtem Geruhin?)
  • Irii (イリィ Iryi?): young child born on Planet Eleven; refugee saved by Yamato


  • Gelt Berger (ゲルト・ベルガー Geruto Berugā?): 442nd Special Platoon, Specialized Warfare Group B; member of Yamato boarding party during the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster
  • Major Wol Jarletora (ヴォル・ヤレトラー Voru Yaretoraa?): Pluto base tactical officer
  • Lieutenant Colonel Wals Lang (ヴァルス・ラング Varusu Rangu?): captain of the battlecruiser EX-178
  • Corporal Norren Oshetto (ノラン・オシェット Noran Oshetto?): 442nd Special Platoon, Specialized Warfare Group B; member of Yamato boarding party during the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster and escort assigned to Yuki Mori


  • Propaganda Minister Miezela Celestella (ミーゼラ・セレステラ Miizera Seresutera?)
    • Lieutenant Mirenel Linke (ミレーネル・リンケ Mireeneru Rinke?): younger sister of Miezela Celestella

Other Species and BeingsEdit

  • Alter (オルタ Oruta?): Garmilloid robot soldier captured and briefly reactivated by Yamato crew

Gatlantis EmpireEdit

Leadership of the EmpireEdit

  • Emperor Zworder (ズォーダー Zwōdā?): ruler of the empire
  • Gairen (ガイレーン Gairēn?): advisor to Zworder
  • Goenitz (ゲーニッツ Gēnittsu?): fleet commander
  • Razera (ラーゼラー Rāzerā?): chairman of military affairs

Gutaba Expedition GroupEdit

  • Governor-General Goran "Thunder" Dagam (ゴラン・ダガーム Goran Dagāmu?): governor of Gutaba and commander of the Expedition Group


  • Goland (ゴーランド Gōrando?): commander of the occupation of Terezart
    • Nol (ノル Noru?): young clone of and successor to Goland
  • Miru (ミル Miru?): overseer of Abelt Dessler
  • Zabaibal (ザバイバル Zabaibaru?): ground forces commander on Terezart


  • Loerelei Loer (レーレライ・レール Rērerai Rēru?): Jirel shaman


  • Teresa (テレサ Teresa?): "goddess" who has evolved to a higher dimensional existence; keeper of the planet Terezart

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