This page lists characters appearing in the original Space Battleship Yamato series and/or its sequels: Farewell to Space Battleship Yamato, Space Battleship Yamato 2, Yamato: The New Voyage, Be Forever Yamato, Space Battleship Yamato III, Final Yamato, Yamato Rebirth, Yamato 2520, and Great Yamato Zero.

Earth Federation Edit

Many of the family names of Yamato crewmembers were taken from famous samurai, some specifically from members of the Shinsengumi: Okita, Hajime, Hijikata, Yamanami, Yamazaki, and Tōdō.

First season Edit

Yamato Crew Edit

Earth Edit

  • Jiro Shima (島 次郎 Shima Jirō?) Okinawa Prefecture: Shima's younger brother
  • Takeo Kodai (古代武夫 Kodai Takeo?) (va Koji Yada) Kanagawa Prefecture: Father of Susumu and Mamoru. Killed by a Gamilan Meteor Bomb in 2192.
  • Akiko Kodai (古代あき子 Akiko Takeo?) (va Akiko Tsuboi) Kanagawa Prefecture: Mother of Susumu and Mamoru. Killed by a Gamilan Meteor Bomb in 2192.
  • Jiro Nomura (能村次郎 Nomura Jirō?) (va Keisuke Yamashita): Final First Officer of the Battleship Yamato. He survived the sinking of the ship.

Second season Edit

  • Jiro Tsurumi (鶴見二郎 Tsurumi Jirō?): Cosmo Tiger 3rd Squadron commander

Yamato: The New Voyage Edit

Be Forever, Yamato Edit

Third Season Edit

  • Dairoku Akagi (赤城大六 Akagi Dairoku?) (v.a. Daiki Takayama): Works in Engine Room. Former space trucker.
  • Akiko Todo (藤堂晶子 Tōdō Akiko?) (v.a. Kazuko Sugiyama): Granddaughter of Heikuro Todo and works as his secretary. Has a mutual attraction with Aihara.

Final YamatoEdit

Uchū Senkan Yamato: Fukkatsu henEdit

Allies of humanity Edit

Gamilus Edit

The Gamilus are a race of humanoids from the planet Gamilas in the Large Magellanic Cloud, 148,000 light years from Earth. They are biologically indistinguishable from humans aside from their blue skin (though owing to an animation error they were given pink skin for the first ten episodes of the original series). Many of those who appear in the series are named after high-ranking members of the Nazi party. We seldom see Gamilon civilians (it being a highly-militarized society), and the few female Gamilans who appear in the series are invariably concubines.

  • Major Saleluya Larleta (サレルヤ・ラーレタ Sareruya Raareta?): Jupiter Base Commander
  • General Dotem Goehin (ドーテム・ゲルヒン Dōtem Geruhin?): A loudmouthed general dropped into a pit by Desler for being "vulgar".
  • Captains Lyle Getto (ゲットー Gettō?), Fommt Berger (バーガー Bāgā?), Charis Kreuz (クロイツ Kuroitsu?) and Wemm Heidern (ハイデルン Haiderun?): captains who serve under Domel in the battle at the Rainbow Cluster, having earned great acclaim at, respectively, the Ruby, Sapphire, Diamond and Omega war fronts. The first three command space carriers and their respective fighter, dive-bomber, and torpedo plane air groups, while the last commands a battle carrier launching a single heavy bomber which carries a drill missile designed by Domel. All four captains fly into battle themselves alongside their men, though Kreuz is not shown (due to an oversight by the animators).

Galman EmpireEdit

White Comet Empire Gatlantis Edit

The people of the White Comet Empire Gatlantis (白色彗星帝国ガトランティス Hakushoku Suisei Teikoku Gatorantisu) appear in the second season; like the Gamilons they are identical to humans aside from their green skin.

  • Mazor (メーザー Mēzā?): pilot
  • Destar (デスタール Desutāru?)

Dark Star Cluster Empire Edit

The people of the Dark Star Cluster Empire (暗黒星団帝国 Ankoku Seidan Teikoku) live on the metal planet Dezarium in the Dark Star Cluster, a double-galaxy 200,000 light years from Earth. Although humanoid, they are in fact bionic, having given up the pleasures of human flesh in exchange for longevity. They appear in the movies Yamato: The New Voyage and Be Forever, Yamato.

Bolar Federation Edit

Loosely based on the Soviet Union, the Bolar Federation (ボラー連邦) is one of the two galactic superpowers at odds with the Galman-Gamilas Empire. They hold 35% of the star systems on the opposite side of Orion Arm.


Dingirians Edit

The people of the planet Dingir, who appear in the movie Final Yamato, are descendants of Sumerians rescued from Earth by unknown aliens (whom they now regard as gods) during The Great Flood 10,000 years ago. They developed an advanced empire (as well as grey skin) on their new homeworld they named Dingir and have become extremely arrogant and militant. Most of them were wiped out when their homeworld was flooded by the planet Aquarius.

  • Dingir Boy (ディンギルの少年 Dingiru no Shōnen?): the younger son of the Dingirian leader, and the only survivor of the drowned homeworld rescued by the Yamato crew. He stows away aboard the Earth ship when it sets off to fight deZahl's fleet, hoping to learn more about humanity. He learns the alien concept of self-sacrifice when he sees another warship take a deadly missile hit for the Yamato; he is so impressed that he jumps in front of Kodai and is shot by his own father. His real name is never given and is just called Bōya.

Great Urup Interstellar Confederation Edit

Great Urup Interstellar Confederation (大ウルップ星間国家連合 Dai Uruppu Seikan Kokka Renpō)


The SUS are the antagonists in Yamato Rebirth. They control the Great Urup Interstellar Confederation.


アマール星 (Amaaru-sei)


エトス星 (Etosu-sei) Honorable warriors that are moved to defy the SUS due to the Yamato's courage. They look virtually the same as humans.