Liber Droppe
Liber Droppe
Died 2199, Kilmenaim
Species Garmillas
Gender Male
Occupation Governor of Alteria
Allegiance Great Garmillas Empire
Portrayed by Akira Harada (2013)

Liber Droppe is the Garmillan governor of Alteria,[1] a subject planet of the Great Garmillas Empire.

When the native population of Alteria rises up against Garmillas rule and surrounds the planet's capital, Governor Droppe is forced to call for assistance and flee the planet. He is met by the flagship Kilmenaim at the head of a massive Imperial Guard task force, and brought to the ship's bridge to plead his case to Imperial Guard director-general Hydom Gimleh. Droppe's request to evacuate the remaining Garmillan refugees is turned down, in favor of bombarding the surface and executing the governor in response to this failure. Droppe believes that Gimleh is joking until a soldier standing next to him calmly shoots him dead on the spot ("Point of No Return").


  1. Official Space Battleship Yamato 2199 Garmillas Mecha Book p. 177

Japanese language informationEdit

リベル・ドロッペ Riberu Doroppe

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