Gaiderol-class Battleship

Le Chevalier, Shultz's flagship

Le Chevalier was a Gaiderol-class astro battleship used by Walke Shultz as his flagship.

It participated in the First Battle of Pluto on January 17, 2199, leading a fleet composed of itself, seven Destoria-class astro heavy cruisers, twenty-two Kelkapia-class battle cruisers, and at least eighty-nine Kripitera-class astro destroyers ("Messenger of Iscandar"). It was the only Garmillas ship to survive the Yamato's assualt on Pluto ("The Sun Sets on Pluto"). Operating from Le Chevalier, Shultz attempted to destroy the Yamato with the Dessler Torpedo, a weapon that was transferred to Shultz's vessel as part of an entertainment for Abelt Dessler. Le Chevalier is destroyed above the star Gliese 581, as it pursued the Yamato through a temporary gap in a solar flare. The crew and their families are awarded first-class Garmillas citizenship for their sacrifice ("Wish Upon a Star").

Japanese language informationEdit

シュバリエル Shubarieru