Earth sn02
Kongo-class battleship
Affiliation United Nations Cosmo Navy
Launched 2171
General characteristics
Class Battleship
Armaments 1 x 360mm Shock Cannon
12 x 360mm beam cannons (4x3)
1 x 16-cell VLS
8 x torpedo tubes
Defenses Numerous Point-Defense batteries
Reinforced Armor[source?]
Propulsion Wave motion engine (after 2199)[source?]
Power Wave motion energy (after 2199)[source?]
Mass 2800 tons
Length 205 meters
Width 27.5 meters
Height 32 meters[source?]

The Kongo-class Battleship is the main battleship of the UN Cosmo Navy and are considered to be flagships of the UN space fleets. During the Garmillas-Earth War it is known that at least 8 ships served before and during the war. One such ship is the Kirishima of the First Fleet during Operation M.[source?]

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit



A Kongo-class space battleship leaving Earth for First Contact with the Great Garmillas Empire.

They served as battleships from first contact with the Great Garmillas Empire until the First Battle of Pluto. At Pluto, the Kirishima served as the flagship. By the end of the war, only Kirishima is still in service, and is seen patrolling Earth's orbit when the Yamato departs Earth for Iscandar.[source?]

The class is still in service after the Garmillas-Earth War, having been upgraded to be warp capable and outfitted with weaponry comparable to that of Garmillas vessels. Several vessels of the class, including Yuunagi and Ticonderoga, fly with a Garmillas fleet for an engagement with the Gatlantis Empire in 2202 (Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love).

Notable Kongo-class ShipsEdit

A total of eight Kongo-class battleships were built; however, by 2199, only the Kirishima remained in service.[source?] More vessels were built post-war (Space Battleship Yamato 2202: Warriors of Love).

  • Kongo (BBS-551)[source?]
  • Haruna (BBS-552)[source?]
  • Yoshino (BBS-553)[source?]
  • Myoko (BBS-554)[source?]
  • Kirishima (BBS-555)
  • Hiei (BBS-556)[source?]
  • Hyuga (BBS-557)[source?]
  • Fuso (BBS-558)[source?]
  • Yuunagi[1]
  • Mogami[1]
  • Kurama[1]
  • Ticonderoga[1]
  • Sugarloaf[1]
  • Pharris[1]


  • The class is most likely named after the WWII Kongo-class, as both classes have a ship named Kongo, Kirishima, Haruna, and Hiei in its class.[source?]
  • The class could also be named after the Kongo-class Aegis Destroyer, and like the UNCF Kongo-class has the ship named Kongo, Myoko and Kirishima in the class.[source?]


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