For information on Jupiter in the original Space Battleship Yamato and Space Battleship Yamato 2, see Jupiter (OS).

Yamato plummets toward Jupiter.

Jupiter is a gas giant, the fifth and largest planet in Earth's solar system.

The thick, inhospitable atmosphere of Jupiter is used by the Great Garmillas Empire as the hiding place for its floating continent, a massive supply base supporting the empire's attempts to transform the environment of Earth. During the first warp flight of the battleship Yamato in early 2199, the crew fails to account for an unknown object along their trajectory, and the ship is thrown off course toward Jupiter's intense gravity well. The vessel descends out of control into the upper atmosphere and discovers the floating continent. Yamato destroys it with its wave motion gun, leaving a black scar that ripples across the surface of the planet ("Escape from the Jupiter Sphere").

In late 2202, new Andromeda class and Dreadnought class warships of the United Nations Cosmo Navy conduct a weapons exercise in orbit of Jupiter, launching fighters and using shock cannons to fire at nearby space debris ("Clash! Yamato vs. Andromeda").

The planet is called "Zupist" in the Garmillas language ("Escape from the Jupiter Sphere", "Gravestone on a Frozen Field").


The opening credits of Space Battleship Yamato 2199 feature one of Jupiter's moons, Europa, although it does not appear in any episode.

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