Isozake-Class Destroyer
Affiliation Earth Federation
General characteristics
Class Destroyer
Armaments 2 triple 12.7cm high pressure laser cannon turrets
3 torpedo tubes[source?]
Propulsion Wave motion engine (after 2199)[source?]
Power Wave motion energy (after 2199)[source?]
Length 68.5 meters
Width 24 meters
Height 23 meters[1]

This article describes a ship class appearing in Space Battleship Yamato 2199. For its counterpart in the original series, see M-2188 Type 1 Yukikaze-class Space Assault Destroyer.

The Isokaze-class space destroyers are a type of escort vessel in the United Nations Cosmo Navy.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

The Isokaze-class space destroyers are 80 meters (262 feet 5.6 inches) in length and have a crew of 24. They are also armed with a pair of triple turrets with six 12.7 centimeter high pressure laser cannons, and three forward torpedo tubes.[source?]


Yukikaze with kirishima

An Isokaze-class destroyer with the Kirishima at the First Battle of Pluto

The remaining twelve Isokaze-class vessels from the Second Inner Planet War were deployed in Operation M, a plan to distract a Garmillan fleet from spotting an Iscandarian space craft entering the solar system with a vital technological gift for Earth. Despite the loss of all Isozake ships and nearly the rest of the UNCN First Fleet, the mission was a success. ("The Messenger from Iscandar").

Notable Isokaze-class ShipsEdit