Gul Dietz
Gul Dietz
Born Age 55 years (Human equivalent as of 2199)[1]
Species Garmillas
Gender Male
Allegiance Great Garmillas Empire, Garmillas rebels
Rank Admiral
Commands held Supreme commander of Garmillas Imperial Astro Fleet (briefly removed in 2199)
Battles/wars Riot on Prison Planet 17
Relations Melda Dietz (daughter)
Portrayed by Katsunosuke Hori

Admiral Gul Dietz is supreme commander of the Garmillas Imperial Astro Fleet. After being falsely accused of conspiring to assassinate the leader of the Great Garmillas Empire, Dietz assumes command of rebel forces in the Garmillas Civil War, and eventually becomes a top figure in the empire's new provisional government.


He is first seen at the 1000 year celebration of the Great Garmillas Empire's founding where he calls Field Marshal Herm Zoellik a boaster and informs Dessler that the extra galactic invaders are being dealt with by General Erich Domel.

He is later seen with his good friends Domel and Talan and disclosed with both of them of how the government is abusing the power when the three witnessed ordinary Garmillas citizen being arrested and sent to a death camp.

At the staff meeting, when Gimleh proudly announce how he dealt with the rebellion by having the entire planet destroyed, Dietz was horrified and digusted at the actions of the Imperial Guard.

When Deslser's ship was destroyed on the way to Balun for the Naval review, Dietz and Domel were quickly arrested because both knew Dessler would be attending. Like Domel, Dietz was arrested, strip of his rank, and was set to be executed.

However, several men who is loyal to the Admiral infiltrated the prison and stage a riot along with his daughter Melda. Once the prison facility was under control, Dietz allowed the Yamato to land for much needed repair after the Battle of the Rainbow Cluster.

Before departing to liberating the other prison came, he met with Admiral Okita and it was during the meeting that Okita revealed and apologized that Earth fired first. After discussion, both ships separated and departed with Melda remaining onboard the Yamato as a liaison.

Upon returning back to Garmillas Space, Dietz position and title was reinstate to him and he regain control of the entire Astro fleet except for the 30 ships that decided to go with Goer instead.


Dietz is shown to be a man of honor and a family man when he was relief his daughter Melda was safe but was a little bit irritated that she won't talk about her experience. He shows he is loyal to the well being of his people as he rebels against the government when he witnesses the abuses the Empire gives to its people.


Japanese language informationEdit

ガル・ディッツ Garu dittsu

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