Gelvades-class astro battlecarrier
Gelvades Battlecarrier
Darold with DBG.88 Garont armed with Drill Missile on flight deck.
General characteristics
  • 4x Triple 28cm Positron Beam Turret (3rd Retractable)
  • 4x Triple 13cm Positron Beam Turret
  • 2x 6-Tube Missile Launcher
  • 2x Retractable Upper Weapon Deck:
    • ​1x Triple 28cm Positron Beam Turret (each)
    • 2x Triple 13cm Positron Beam Turret (each)
    • 16x Anti-Air Laser turret (each)
  • ​2x Retractable Lower Weapon Deck:
    • ​2x Triple 13cm Positron Beam Turret (each)
Length 390 meters
Width 67 meters[source?]

The Gelvades-Class Battle Carrier is a relatively recent[source?] class of warship in service in the Great Garmillas Imperial Astro Fleet.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit


The Gelvades class ship Darold fought against the Yamato under Erich Domel's command at the Battle of the Rainbow Star Cluster and launched a bomber equipped with a drill missile. It was destroyed when the drill missile exploded after being removed from the Yamato ("Under a Rainbow Sun").

In the year 2202, three Gelvades class ships are present in a fleet under the command of Ghader Talan and loyal to deposed Garmillas leader Abelt Dessler, after Dessler destroys a Gatlantis fleet entrusted to him by Emperor Zordar ("Dessler's Challenge!").

Notable Gelvades-class ShipsEdit

Japanese language informationEdit

ゲルバデス級航宙戦闘母艦 Gerubadesu-kyū kōchū sentō bokan