The Gamilas-Earth War was the first major Interstellar War between the people of Earth and Gamilas. The Gamilon Empire attempted to kill the humans using radiation poisoning by bombarding Earth with Meteor Bombs, which released radiation with they exploded.

Prelude to WarEdit

Before the War started between the humans and the Gamilas, the Planet Gamilas was starting to react and the inhabitants knew what that meant the core of the planet was about to explode. The Gamilas decided to find a new home planet and they would have to destroy the planet so it could become radioactive (radiation) without which they could not survive. There Leader Desler sent ships throughout the galaxy (Milky Way Galaxy) to find a sutiable planet, but it would take years to find one.

After several months they found one, Earth which was populated. Lord Desler had to come to a decision to find another planet or to turn it into a radioactive wasteland and killing all living things on the planet.


The War started in the late 22nd century, when the Gamilons first attacked Earth using meteor bombs.


Major Battles and CampaignsEdit

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