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Large Magellanic Cloud


Iscandar (Twin Planet)


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Totalitarian fascistoid dictatorship

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This article describes the planet Gamilas as depicted in the original Space Battleship Yamato and Yamato: The New Voyage. For its counterpart in Space Battleship Yamato 2199, see Garmillas.


Gamilas (also spelled Gamilus) is a planet in the Large Magelanic Cloud and the Home world of sentient species of the same name (Gamilons in Star Blazers). The world is consisted of a thin crust an a hallow mantle that is filled with cave-like catacombs. Due to the massive underground supervolcanic system by nature of this planet, sulfuric build up is common, and equally deadly. Highly corrosive rain often occur underneath the ground along with the underground oceans of sulfuric acid. Along with the unpredictable volcano eruption, the planet is under constant threat of nature; which forces most native population off world to find a less hostile world. The only other natural satellite is the planet Iscandar, where they share a binary orbit. Upon the attempt to capture the Yamato, Dessler trapped the ship within one of the planet's sinkholes in an attempt to destroy the Earth ship by the mixture of his own firepower and the forces of nature. In defense and to cause a disarray, the Yamato fired its Wave Motion gun at a pocket of highly unstable volcanic network. As a result, eruptions forced Dessler to abort the attack and the destruction of his station allow the crew of the Yamato to presume that he is dead. The eruption of the volcanic network forced the world to be unstable.A few years later, the planet is destroyed by the Dark Nebula Empire. Iscandar, sharing is orbit, was flung to away from the system from a sudden loss of gravitational pull. As a result of the destruction of his homeworld, Dessler then goes out to find a new home for his people.


  • While the original series depicts Gamilas as a dying world full of toxic radiation and acid seas, the remake version tends to be more reminiscient of a planet serving as the heart of an empire at the greatst extent of its power and dominance over the Lare Magelanic Cloud, the Small Magelanic Cloud, and possibly the Milky Way. the remake version also holds a seemingly totalitarian society governed under a military regime that holds fascist ideals (primarily that of the ideals of Nazi Germany). Even its cruel treatment towards the other alien races can be considered as similar to the Nazi nortion of the Aryan "master race".
  • The 2199 series also clarifies an unanswered question from the original 1974 series concerning the Jupiter and Pluto based Gamilas soldiers who had Caucasian skin tone instead of blue. Most notably Shultz and Ganz. They were members of a subject race from the planet Zaltz.

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