Enceladus is a moon of the planet Saturn. The surface of Enceladus is completely blanketed in ice and snow, and is periodically broken by ice geysers. Until the Garmillas-Earth War, humans mined the rare substance cosmonite 90 on the moon.

The battleship Yamato diverts toward Enceladus days after leaving Earth to make repairs to a damaged main engine condenser, and to respond to a weak distress signal from the UNCN ship Yukikaze near the moon's south pole. While separate teams collect cosmonite 90 from an abandoned mine and investigate the wrecked ship, a Garmilloid reconnaissance unit ordered to Enceladus launches an assault. The teams are saved by the actions of several Yamato officers, and by an erupting ice geyser that consumes the remaining Garmilloid troops. Before Yamato leaves Enceladus, an improvised monument is placed on the surface near Yukikaze in honor of its twenty-four crew members, all believed to have died ("Gravestone on a Frozen Field").

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エンケラドゥス Enkerado~usu