Sakezo Sado
Sado Sakezo.jpg
Native name 佐渡酒造
Born 2152
Niigata Prefecture Niigata, Japan
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch Earth Defense Force
Rank Commander (civilian equivalent)
Portrayed by Ichiro Nagai (1974-2009)
Reiko Takashima (2010)
Shigeru Chiba (2011-)

Dr. Sakezo Sado (佐渡酒造 Sado Sakezō?) is the most humorously-drawn character in the series, Dr. Sado is frequently a source of comic relief, usually through pratfalls resulting from his love of Japanese rice wine, sake. Though originally a veterinarian (albeit an unsuccessful one), he becomes the ship's surgeon. He is good humored and always willing to give advice, but he can become deadly earnest when chiding others' behavior.


Usually a carefree person, Dr. Sado is otherwise serious when it comes to his responsibility to take care of other people. When Okita is suffering from his old injuries, he tries everything in his power to coax the Captain to accept the surgery. When it is not in jeopardy of somebody health, the doctor can be found drinking his sake, which he treats it like a friend at occasions. Such occurrence include the time where the Yamato was entering warp. As everybody was strapping themselves in, Sado could be found clinging himself on a tabletop due to the sake being strapped into his seat.


  • In Star Blazers, attempts of trying to censor out the reference to alcohol is present as Dr. Sado's sake is often called "Captain Avatar's favorite spring water" or "soy milk" though the Kanji was not censored, along with a few drunk scenes.
  • His given name is written with the same kanji as the word shuzo ("sake brewing").
  • Sado is a star system (stock) character of Leiji Matsumoto's that appears in many of his works including Wadachi (1973-1974), Torajima no Miime, and Danguard Ace. Dr. Zero from Captain Harlock is also a derivative of Sado.
  • His gender was changed in 2010 movie.