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Daisuke Shima
Shima Daisuke.jpg
Native name 島 大介
Born August 15, 2181(2181-08-15)
Okinawa Prefecture Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Died 2203 (age 22)
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch Earth Defense Force
Relations Daigo Shima (father)
Saori Shima (mother)
Jiro Shima (brother)
Portrayed by Shusei Nakamura (1974-1983)
Isao Sasaki (1983,1999)
Hideyuki Tanaka (2000-2005)
Naoto Ogata (2010)

Lieutenant Daisuke Shima (島 大介 Shima Daisuke?): a quieter and more level-headed complement to his best friend Susumu Kodai, Shima becomes chief navigator and helmsman of the Yamato. He suffers from a lack of self-confidence in his ability to control the mighty vessel, despite skillfully saving it on many occasions. Shima and Kodai have frequent arguments in the first series, some of which escalated into physical brawls, but the end results only made their friendship stronger. In the second season, he falls in love with Teresa of Telezart by interstellar radio, and is heartbroken when she elects to remain on her world in the face of the Comet Empire, though he vows to carry on the fight in her name. He was blown into space by Gamilian troops but was rescued and revived by Teresa. He loses his life in the line of duty in the movie "Final Yamato".

  • His Japanese given name means "great helper", while his family name may come from feudal warlord Shima Sakon.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199Edit

Daisuke Shima
Native name 島 大介
Born August 15, 2178(2178-08-15)
Okinawa Prefecture Naha, Okinawa, Japan
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch United Nations Cosmo Navy
Rank Lieutenant (2199)
Service number SNV0079091
Relations Daigo Shima (father, deceased)
Saori Shima (mother)
Jiro Shima (brother)
Portrayed by Kenichi Suzumura

Daisuke Shima is the Yamato's pilot. He is seen on mars with his best friend and Officer School companion, Susumu Kodai during Operation M, and is present when Princess Sasha of Iscandar is killed in a fatal crash delivering the Wave-motion core for the Yamato. He is picked up by the Kirishima 3 weeks later with Kodai and returns to Earth. He joins Kodai in his confrontation with Admiral Okita and facepalms when Admiral Hijikata talks him down. He joins Kodai in a stolen cosmo zero to confront some Garmillas scout and is subsequently marooned with him when the fighter crashes, near the wreck of the IJN Yamato. ("Messenger of Iscandar")

He is rescued from the fighter's crash sight after witnessing the Yamato use it's main guns to shoot down the orbiting Garmillas Carrier. He is assigned to the Yamato as the ship's navigation officer. As he is leaving his little brother Jiro gives him a good luck charm that his father didn't take with him to first contact. He pilots the Yamato away from Earth after the near hit from a Garmillas Interplanetary Ballistic Missile.("Toward a Sea of Stars")


He is haunted by the memories of his father Daigo Shima, a captain in the Earth Defense Force, who commanded one of the initial ships to greet the Garmillas forces when they arrived in the solar system and was killed when hostilities broke out. His father had reassured him that the "aliens" were friendly.

As a result, Shima harbors bitter hatred of Garmillas. When Susumu Yamazaki breaks his orders of silence and informs Shima that Earth fired first on meeting with the Garmillas, Shima angrily rejects the information and accuses Yamazaki of lying to smear his father.

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