DWG262 Czvarke Astro Combat Fighter
DWG262 Czvarke
Affiliation Great Garmillas Empire
General characteristics
  • 6 13 mm machine guns (main wings)
  • 4 30 mm cannons (2 in nose, 1 in each weapons pod)
  • 6 anti-aircraft missiles (3 in each weapons pod)
  • 2 weapons pods on each side of the plane
Length 15.58 meters
Width 7.5 meters[1]

The DWG262 Czvarke Astro Combat Fighter is the main single-seat fighter used by most Garmillas Imperial Astro Fleet aviation units.

Armaments and Technical SpecificationsEdit

It can be deployed from many platforms, including carriers[2]. The design features a four-engine propulsion system and high maneuverability comparable to that of the UNCN Cosmo Falcon fighter ("A World I Once Saw").


A Czvarke with red colour scheme serves as the personal fighter of Lower Storm Leader Melda Dietz ("Graveyard of the Universe"). After Dietz joins a rebellion against her government, she is given a new green-painted Czvarke that she immediately orders painted red ("The Planet That We Head For").

Notes Edit

References Edit

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