DWG229 Melanca

DWG.229 Melanca

DWG.229 Melanca is a fighter/attacker featuring a flying wing design extensively used by the Garmillas military including the Imperial Guard. 


DWG.229 can be launched from Pormelia-class Astro Assault Carriers in planetary orbit. A squadron of DWG.229 launched anti-ground missiles towards Yamato disguised as the sunken Yamato-class battleship. They were destroyed by Cosmo Falcons protecting Yamato
DWG229 Melanca Imperial Guard

Imperial Guard Melanca unleashing a barrage of anti-air missiles

DWG.229 and their motherships deployed by the Imperial Guard led by Hydom Gimleh have unique blue colour scheme. They attacked citizens on Alteria, and defending Baleras during the Battle of Garmillas. Although capable of anti-air attacks, DWG.229 are generally considered inferior in dog fight compared to other air superiority fighters.[source?] 


  • DWG.229 shares part of its designation and aircraft design with the Horten Ho 229 jet-powered flying wing designed by the Luftwaffe of Nazi Germany during World War II.[1] 

References Edit

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