DMB87 Snuka

DMB87 (left and center) patrolling with DDG110 (right)

DMB87 Snuka is a dive bomber used by the military of the Great Garmillas Empire.

History Edit

DMB87 Berger

Fommt Berger's personal Snuka preparing to launch

A DMB87 squadron deployed from Gaiperon-Class Multideck Astro Assault Carrier Lanbea led by Major Fommt Berger was sent to carry out a surprise attack on Yamato using warp. Believing the entire aerial strength of Yamato was busy engaging the DWG.109 squadron, they attacked the ship freely and caused critical damage to multiple systems on Yamato. They were interrupted by Akira Yamamoto and retreated after a brief tactical success. The squadron lost the majority of their planes when refueling and rearming on Lanbea while the carrier was attacked by the Yamato.[source?]

DMB87 Snuka dive bombers also patrolled along with DDG110 Zeedolah II heavy fighter during the Battle of Garmillas.[source?]

 Notes Edit

  • The DMB87 Snuka shares part of its designation and aircraft design with the Junkers Ju 87 Stuka used by the Luftwaffe of Nazi Germany during World War II. Ju 87 D-4 was designed as an aircraft carrier-based dive bomb to be carried by the cancelled aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin

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