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Bombing of Alteria
Alteria Burning
Conflict: Garmillas Civil War
Date: 2199
Place: Alteria
Result: *Garmillas Victory
  • Alteria bombed

Alterian Rebels

Military of the Great Garmillas Empire




Alterian rebles

Hundreds of Imperial Guard ships

Casualties and Losses
  • Most if not all of Alteria's population
  • Planet severely damaged
  • Garmillas Governor
  • Any Garmillans not off planet

The Bombing of Alteria was one of the most destructive acts the Imperial Guard committed during the Garmillas Civil War.


After word of Space Battleship Yamato existance and how a ship from a planet being invaded by the Empire had caused so much trouble for the Imperial Asto Navy, many worlds began revolting against Garmillas and Dessler.

Prior to the Battle of Carell 163. The population of Alteria began a revolt. ("Point of No Return")

The assaultEdit

When the rebellion began many Garmillans were forced to evacuate as the natives began taking their planet back, however many weren't able to escape. The Governor escaped the planet and requested aid. Dessler sent Hydom Gimleh to deal with the rebellion. When the Governor met Gimleh aboard his ship, and after hearing his pleas for aid in defending the remaining Garmillan on the planet he instead ordered the Governor be killed.

The fleet moved in to bombing position as massive missiles began raining down on the planet killing the celebrating Alterians. After the bombs exploded the carriers released bombers and fired upon the surface cities while bombers destroyed smaller more remote locations. In a matter of minutes a once blue world was largely burnt. ("Point of No Return")


This event caused a rift in Garmillas leadership between those who thought they were being to brutal and those who didn't. In addition Lord Dessler was apparently killed in an assassination shortly after the planet was bombed. ("Point of No Return")

Many of the surviving Alterians would find themselves in prison camps. These people were presumably released after the new Garmillas government takes power. ("The Planet That We Head For")

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