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Two members of Blue Shadow observe Vice Leader Redof Hiss in the Garmillas royal palace.

Blue Shadow[1] is the designation given to the division of the Imperial Guard[2] serving as personal bodyguards to the Great Garmillas Empire's supreme ruler, Abelt Dessler.

All members of Blue Shadow are female. Numerous Blue Shadow guards are stationed throughout the royal palace and accompany Dessler on off-world travels. They present a decidedly non-threatening image under most circumstances by acting as personal servers and by affecting shy, giggly demeanors. In moments of danger to Dessler, though, the pretense is dropped and they become confident and capable combatants ("The Sun Sets on Pluto", "Wish Upon a Star", "Point of No Return", "The Forever War').


Blue Shadow guards cover Leader Dessler as he steps aboard Yamato.

A contingent of Blue Shadow guards escapes Garmillas with Dessler to his flagship, Desura II, during the Battle of Garmillas ("One Man's War"), and continue their regular duties after Dessler's subsequent exile. As the Battle of the Galactic Theater Gate rages aboard the battleship Yamato two months later, a four-member team accompanies Dessler onto the Earth vessel as he searches for the ship's captain. They are able to protect him from an attacking Yamato crew member, but they fail to notice a wounded Jirel who manages to injure Dessler. The guards shoot the Jirel dead in retaliation and escort their leader back to the flagship. All of them are incapacitated or killed when Desura II is destroyed ("The Forever War").



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