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Battle of Garmillas
Saving Baleras
Conflict: Garmillas-Earth War
Date: 2199
Place: Salezar system, especially on and near Garmillas
Result: *UNCN victory
*Yamato's safe arrival at Iscandar
*Recovery of Lieutenant Yuki Mori
*Severe losses to Imperial Guard fleet
*Baleras II destroyed
*Fall of Abelt Dessler's regime
*Desura II escapes
*End of Garmillas-Earth War
*Epidora destroyed
  • United Nations Cosmo Navy
Casualties and Losses
  • Minimal or no loss of life
  • Juzo Okita incapacitated
  • Corporal Norren Oshetto killed
  • Light to moderate damage to Yamato (port side anti-aircraft guns destroyed; radar partially destroyed; superficial forward hull damage)
  • Heavy damage to one Cosmo Zero
  • Entire crew of Baleras II
  • Hydom Gimleh
  • Likely Garmillas civilian injuries and deaths in Baleras
  • All ships near Baleras II except for Desura II destroyed
  • Severe damage to Dessler's palace
  • Baleras damaged in crossfire
For the comparable battle in the original series, see First Battle of Gamilas.

The Battle of Garmillas was the final battle of the Garmilas-Earth War. Making his final attempt to stop the space battleship Yamato from reaching the planet Iscandar, Leader Abelt Dessler of the Great Garmillas Empire prepared to use all of the empire's available resources--including the planet Garmillas and his own people--against the Earth vessel. Instead, the battle brought an unexpected and sudden end to Dessler's regime.


For months, Yamato traveled across unknown space to reach the Large Magellanic Cloud and the planet Iscandar, in a desperate bid to save life on Earth from extinction caused by the long war. The Garmillas confronted the battleship with increasing strength and ingenuity, and although imperial forces came close to success on a number of occasions, Yamato and its crew were up to the challenge, destroying a large portion of the empire's military fleet and its interstellar transportation network in the process. They eventually came into contact with members of a Garmillan rebel movement, who provided additional guidance and intelligence. In the company of a rebel military liaison, Lower Storm Leader Melda Dietz, Yamato prepared for the final warp of its one hundred sixty-eight thousand light year voyage, ready to face one more barrier: the planet Garmillas itself, the center of the empire and Iscandar's twin planet ("Messenger of Iscandar", "The Sun Sets on Pluto", "Point of No Return", "Under a Rainbow Sun", "The Planet That We Head For").

Leader Dessler's rule was threatened by the existence of Yamato in a number of ways. Aside from the destruction directly caused by the battleship, it had become a source of inspiration for uprisings on a number of the Garmillas Empire's conquered subject worlds ("Point of No Return"). At the heart of Yamato was an engine based on wave motion energy, an immensely advanced and powerful technology that had secretly been given to an enemy of the empire by Queen Starsha Iscandar. By doing so, Queen Starsha demonstrated her lack of faith in Dessler and his plans for unifying her empire with his own ("Toward a Sea of Stars", "The Planet That We Head For"). Dessler sought to counter her by abducting Princess Yurisha Iscandar from Yamato for his own use. Despite the fact that his soldiers had mistakenly taken a human woman, Lieutenant Yuki Mori, he went ahead and presented her to the Garmillan public as the Third Princess of Iscandar, proof that the final unification had been ratified. Dessler recognized that his political maneuver would not be enough, and Yamato would have to be removed. He arranged for a fleet of Imperial Guard warships to protect the planet Garmillas, and after sharing his strategy for victory with only one person in his inner circle, Imperial Guard director Hydom Gimleh, he waited for the Earth ship's arrival, with Mori at his side as an observer ("Under a Rainbow Sun", "The Planet That We Head For").

The BattleEdit

Charging GarmillasEdit

Members of the Yamato crew don full spacesuits before warping to the Salezar system. The ship takes position behind the fifth planet, the ringed gas giant Epidora, to hide its presence. The initial calm is quickly shattered by a wave motion gun firing from a position between Garmillas and Iscandar across interplanetary space toward Yamato. The bridge crew has just enough time to react and the beam streaks past the ship--inflicting minimal damage on its port side--and strikes Epidora, blasting part of the planet's mass into space and causing the rest to collapse. Admiral Okita realizes that Yamato cannot win so far away from its adversary, and orders the ship to head for Garmillas at full sub-light speed to avoid another wave motion gun attack.

After dismissing Mori and her guard, Corporal Norren Oshetto, Dessler learns that Yamato survived. He orders Defense Minister Welte Talan aboard the Baleras II space station to make quick repairs to the Dessler Cannon, the Garmillan wave motion gun, which was damaged by its firing.

Attack on Baleras

The Yamato approaches Lord Dessler's palace.

Yamato briefly slows as it approaches the planet to deploy its Cosmo Falcon fighter squadron and one of its Cosmo Zero fighters, which engage the Imperial Guard's Polmeria class carriers and Melanka fighters. Director Gimleh orders five battle cruisers to break away from their formation near Baleras II and pursue Yamato as it continues rocketing toward Garmillas. The battleship continues down into the atmosphere, through one of the massive gaps in the planetary crust and above the skyline of the capital city, Baleras. Four of the Imperial Guard pursuers are destroyed by Yamato's shock cannons, and another is rammed and crushed by the ship's wave motion shield. With its path now clear, Yamato charges toward Dessler's palace. Protected by its shield, it crashes through the walls and comes to rest lodged in the palace's upper floors, at the very heart of the empire and near its leader's center of power.

Just a moment later, another vessel launches out of the palace and heads toward the safety of outer space: the core of the flagship Desura II, leaving behind nearly all of Dessler's high command and taking away Dessler himself, along with Mori and Corporal Oshetto on a lower level of the ship.

War from AboveEdit

He the orders an industrial complex from the Baleras II station to detach and destroy the Yamato and Baleras. Hiss assuming command of Garmillas orders the capitol to be evacuated, without Dessler's approval.

Aboard the Yamato Okita orders Kodai to assemble a team and attack the palace to rescue their missing comrade. Princess Yurisha senses Yuki's presence on the Desura II and Kodai is sent to rescue her with Yurisha's help. Before they launch the crew detects the incoming industrial complex, Admiral Okita orders the wave motion gun to fire on the incoming projectile since it's the only weapon that could destroy the object in time, much to the approval of Yurisha. The ship is anchored into the palace as the gun is charged to fire. The weapon then discharges destroying the complex and saving Baleras and impressing Vice Leader Hiss.

Defeat from WithinEdit

After the chunk of station is destroyed Dessler locks his wave motion gun onto the Imperial Palace to destroy the Yamato. However the weapon is sabotaged by Yuki and Norren(Who stayed behind sacrificing himself). The malfunction causes Baleras II to begin exploding. Dessler orders his ship to warp and narrowly avoids being killed, the fleet surrounding Baleras II isn't as lucky with all ships near the station are destroyed. Yuki is found and rescued by Kodai and Yurisha, and the alien princess then observes the couple having a heartfelt moment above their goal, Iscandar.


Iscandar Mori Kodai

Iscandar, at long last.

With the fight suddenly over, Yamato extricates itself from the imperial palace and completes the last step of its journey to Iscandar. Upon arriving, Queen Starsha informs the crew that she now sees humanity as a grave danger for building and using a wave motion weapon, and refuses to deliver the promised Cosmo Reverse System that can save the dying Earth. However, she is eventually convinced to see that the weapon was used to defend life and not out of aggression. Admiral Okita gives his approval for the Yamato's wave motion gun components to be removed and replaced with the Cosmo Reverser itself before the ship sets sail for home. In exchange, Starsha offers a treaty between her world and the Earth Federation that prohibits the construction of wave motion weaponry. The Garmillas Empire also becomes a signatory to the treaty ("The Distant Promised Land", Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark).

No trace of Dessler or his vessel is found and no communication is received from him, and the empire is left to assume that he was killed in the explosion of Baleras II. Vice Leader Hiss acts immediately in response to Yamato's defense of Garmillas from its own ruler and declares an end to the war with humanity. Leaders of the rebellion against Dessler's regime eventually step into the power vacuum and become part of a transitional government. The new peace allows for the empire to eventually establish formal diplomatic relations with the Earth Federation and to fight side-by-side with Earth forces against a common threat, the Gatlantis Empire ("The Distant Promised Land", Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark, "The Year is 2202--Raise the Space Battleship Yamato", ""Tension--Get to the Lunar Embassy").

In fact, Dessler's flagship was able to warp away in time to escape destruction. Dessler works in secret over the following months to make contact with Major General Gremdt Goer and gain the support of thirty Garmillas warships that refuse to recognize the new government. He and his forces make their way to Balun and await the arrival of Yamato, in order to capture the battleship and use it to regain power ("The Forever War").


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