The Attack on the 1st Migration Fleet was a battle between the SUS and the Earth Federation, as the 1st Migration Fleet was on course it was attacked by a huge fleet of SUS ships who destoryed most ships however the flagship Blue Noah was, surpriseingly only damaged by the barrage, much of the fleet was destoryed and there were-apart from Blue Noah-no survivers

Prelude to AttackEdit


As the fleet was on course the Earth Federation flagship Blue Noah detected a fleet at 12 "o" clock. A single ship emerged out of warp, then another ship, and more and more ships appeared, another fleet appeared at two o'clock, traping the fleet.  The SUS ships opened fire with a broadside of red beams, in an instant the Blue Noah was hit from all angles, the EDF ships returned fire but their shock cannons were obselete against the armada, several Super Andromedas fired their wave motion guns wiping out a large fraction of the attackers. As soon as the Blue Noah was disabled it was the "arks" turn at getting hit, all were destroyed, one SUS vessel punched into the top of one "ark" and fired eight heavy beam cannons, which all tore out through the top engine. The EDF fleet, consisting of Super Andromedas and cruisers were all wiped out, at least one Super Andromeda was taken out of warp intact - mostly. Amongst the demolished EDF cruisers and Super Andromedas was the ship under command of Yuki, who had continued to serve in the EDF after her husband, Kodai retired to be the captain of a cargo vessel. Yuki's Super Andromeda attempted to warp, however all of the crew, and supposably Yuki as well were all missing, presumed KIA when the cruiser warped out at its destination. 


Kodai received news of the battle and headed to the scene to see what he could salvage and if there were any survivors. Upon docking with the battered and seemingly disabled Blue Noah Kodai and his boarding party discovered the Blue Noah gunnery officer who, disorientated picked up a pistol and threatened the party. After some negotiation they decided to set off, just then a small group of 4 SUS ships warped out, Kodai's military skills kicked in and by instinct ordered everyone to the positions, Kodai fired a single accurate blast from the last one working shock cannon to send one SUS ship crashing into the next, which crashed into the next and so on in a domino style event. Afterwards Kodai was offered the position of Captain of the "new" Yamato by Sanada, Kodai accepted and was the commander of the next emmigration fleet.

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