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Akira Yamamoto
Native name 山本 明
Born 2176
Japan Japan
Died 2201 (age 25)
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch Earth Defense Force
Rank Ensign
Portrayed by Kazuyuki Sogabe (1978-79)
Takumi Saito (2010)

Ensign Akira Yamamoto (山本明 Yamamoto Akira?): one of the Black Tiger pilots, recognizable by the shock of hair covering his eyes, Yamamoto has only one appearance in the first season, in which his fighter is shot down just before the Yamato undergoes a major warp speed test. Almost left behind, he is waved into the hangar by Kodai, and is injured in a crash-landing. He has a more significant presence in the second season, as commander of the Cosmo Tigers' second squadron; his plane is also stolen by the space marine Saito, who towers over him. He is killed in the final attack on the Comet Empire when his plane is shot down and crashes. His Japanese name comes from the World War II IJNAS pilot Akira Yamamoto.


  • Is often thought to have been gender swapped in 2199 remake, but the two characters' names are written with different kanji.  The names are read the same, but the kanji is different. Hiroki Shinohara is thought to be the true representation of the original Akira.  Instead of gender swapping the character they changed his name completely and put him in a different role.

Space Battleship Yamato 2199Edit

Akira Yamamoto
Native name 山本 玲
Born 2180
Mars Arcadia City, Mars
Allegiance Earth
Service/branch United Nations Cosmo Navy
Rank Ensign
Unit Flying Corps
Portrayed by Rie Tanaka
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