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• 10/9/2018

I want talk about Battle of the rainbow Star Clusters

What happened Yamato crew injured ? How many Yamato crew injured and dead? How were capture Yuki Mori?

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• 8/21/2017

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• 6/24/2017

Watch List of Yamato

What is true wach list for yamato universe.
ı wached yamato 2199, after calestiel ark.
last to days finished yamato III season.
and my mind confused.
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• 6/20/2017

Did Starsha once love Dessler?

In the e 2012, version, is it implied, as I think, that Starsha did once love Desslar romantically before she gave up on him
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• 3/6/2016

Free Online TV

I found a really cool online news site that streams different news channels from around the world at
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• 4/1/2014

I want to talk about the power-plants on the Kirishima (and all other UNCN ships excluding the Yamato).

You know that Fuel is needed to power a ship for example Nimitz-class Aircraft Carriers have a nuclear reactors. So what powers the Kirishima and all other ships of the United Nations Cosmo Navy?
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